Diabetes & Depression

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  • Diabetes & Depression - Primary Care Providers - MediaDesigns, Inc.

    A 3 credit-hour CME/CEU certification course for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, health educators nationwide.

  • Diabetes & Depression - Adult Learners - MediaDesigns, Inc.

    Interactive and logically organized video-rich instruction with first person commentaries and printable text for user-friendly exploration of complex subjects.

  • Diabetes & Depression - Case-based Training - MediaDesigns, Inc.

    Research-based case-based teaching with question/response practices with feedback commentary.

  • Diabetes & Depression - Resources - MediaDesigns, Inc.

    Relevant online and local resources for extended learning.

  • Diabetes & Depression - Testing / Certification - MediaDesigns, Inc.

    Users log in for final program testing and certification.

PreK Training

  • PreK Training Observational Assessment Tools - MediaDesigns, Inc.

    Mandatory training for New Mexico PreK teachers to ensure accurate student assessments and reliable reporting of results.

  • PreK Live Training & Online Refresher - MediaDesigns, Inc.

    Designed to serve as live training guide to ensure consistency of content presentation across the state; the same program resides online and on CD-ROM for those with limited internet access to provide a just-in-time refresher for learners.

  • PreK Scaffolding of Content - MediaDesigns, Inc.

    Design supports scaffolding of content, capturing real-life interactions and isolating key elements to illustrate concepts.

  • PreK Training Embedded Q&A - MediaDesigns, Inc.

    Question/response practices with real practitioners which improves credibility and learner engagement.

  • PreK Training - Expert / Novice - MediaDesigns, Inc.

    Design provides expert/novice and first person stories enhancing authenticity, detail, and appropriate cultural content.

At the forefront of online learning development, MediaDesigns, Inc. is a recognized leader in the field of instructional design and interactive digital media. Integrating educational multimedia – movies, graphics, animation, text, narration, and music, MediaDesigns creates non-linear, interactive learning environments.

Users can customize their experiences and access information according to individual needs, pacing, and learning styles.  At MediaDesigns, we don’t just transfer print content into new containers.  Rather, we rethink the learning process in order to make the most of powerful new technology.

Online training programs can be designed for a range of uses – for individual, self-paced study or group presentations, to foster reflection, to stimulate discussion or to communicate new ideas.

MediaDesigns can create professional development programs so users can explore according to their own needs and interests or can develop compliance and certification courses requiring assessment and knowledge testing upon completion.

For clients with needs for learning management systems (LMS), learning for mobile devices, or integrating informal learning solutions like social media tools, MediaDesigns can design appropriate solutions.

MediaDesigns creates appropriate solutions for learning management systems (LMS), mobile devices, and social media tools. Developing programs with learners in mind, programs encourage users to explore according to their own learning needs and curiosities – perusing the surface or diving deep into content.

Projects include professional development and certification courses, just-in-time corporate training, documentation and knowledge capture, and full academic courses.